Jeona Morh Wikipedia, Age, Family, Cause of Death and Personal Life

Jeona Morh was a famous Indian religious and influential person who was also known as Jagga Jatt. He was a devoted follower of Naina Devi, known for her holy temple in Himachal Pradesh. He was also known as the Robin Hood of Punjab. Before becoming a dacoit, he lived with his family in a small village in Punjab. In this article, you can read about Jeona Morh Wikipedia, age, family, and personal life.

Jeona Morh Wikipedia

Jeona Morh was also known as Jagga Jatt, but his real name was Jagat Singh. He was born in 1901 in Lahore, which is now in Pakistan. He died in 1930 at the age of 29. Jeona Morh followed the Hindu religion, and his nationality was Indian.

He was born and brought up in a distinguished family in Punjab. His father’s name was Sardar Makhan Singh, and his mother’s was Bhagan. His father was a reputed farmer with 250 acres of land, and his mother was a housewife. According to sources, before the birth of Jeona Morh, Sardar Makhan Singh and Bhagan had six children, but none survived.

Jeona Morh Height/Weight

He was a person of independent nature. He was a person of solid body and tall stature. He had wheatish skin and a double-ringed mustache. His body height was 6 feet 2 inches, and his weight was approximately 90 kg. The color of his eyes and hair was black.

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Jeona Morh Wife

Jeona Morh was a married man, and his wife’s name was Inder Kaur. There are no details available regarding their wedding date. He was the father of a beautiful daughter named Gulab Kaur, who was born in 1919. According to sources, Jeona Morh’s wife, Inder Kaur, died in 1983.

At the time of the marriage of Jeona Morh’s daughter Gulab Kaur, her name was changed to Resham Kaur. Resham Kaur was married to Avtar Singh, the nephew of her father’s friend. Avtar Singh died in 2005 in Banwala Anu village of Malout tehsil of Sri Muktsar Sahib district.

Jeona Morh Biography

According to sources, Jeona Morh was courageous, honest, and independent before becoming a dacoit, living a happy life with his family. At that time, British rule was in India, and British soldiers kept an eye on those youths with tall height and muscular bodies. British soldiers believed such people could prove dangerous to the power of the British government.

Jeona Morh had an adventurous nature and muscular body; hence, he was known as a famous person in his area. A Zaildar of his neighboring village, Mokal, was jealous of him because of his fame. He implicated Jeona Morh in a false case, so Jeona Morh had to stay in jail for 4 years.

Even after Jeona Morh was released, the jailer did not stop harassing her. This time, he and his soldier friend implicated his brother in a false case. Apart from this, they were also harassed by British soldiers. Troubled by these things, Jeona Morh entered the world of crime and became a dacoit.

After becoming a dacoit, he snatched a policeman’s pistol from Kanganpur village and killed him. After this, he started looting from rich people and distributing their wealth among the poor and needy. They first attacked the house of a goldsmith and set fire to all his documents, which contained records of loans taken by poor people.

Jeona Morh Death

Jeona Morh was a devotee of Naina Devi and often visited her temple. Once, he was going to Naina Devi temple, during which the police, based on secret information, surrounded him from all sides and shot him, so he died on the spot. He died in 1930 when he was 30 years old. He is remembered for his courage, compassion, and devotion to the Goddess.

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Jeona Morh Wiki

Full name Jagat Singh
Born date 1901
Born Place Lahore, India (Lahore is Now in Pakistan)
Death on 1930
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Nationality Indian
Profession Dacoit
Mother name Bhagan
Father name Makhan Singh
Siblings N/A
Height 6 feet 2 Inch
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Marital Status Married
Wife Inder kaur
Children 01
Educational qualification N/A
Net Worth N/A

Quick Facts about Jeona Morh

  • Jeona Morh date of birth – 1901
  • Jeona Morh death date – 1930
  • Jeona Morh birth place – Lahore
  • Jeona Morh morh height – 6 feet 2 inch
  • Jeona Morh full name –  Jagat Singh
  • Jeona Morh death year – 1930


1. Who was Jeona Morh?

Jeona Morh was a brilliant man who became a bandit after being tortured by British soldiers and regional police. He looted many wealthy persons and distributed their wealth among poor and needy people. Apart from this, he also killed many police officers.

2. When was Jeona Morh born?

Jeona Morh was born in 1901 and was murdered in 1930 at the age of 29.

3. What is the name of Jeona Morh’s wife?

Jeona Morh’s wife’s name was Inder Kaur, who died in 1983.

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